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Campus Middle School GT Program


"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."

 Robert Maynard Hutchins

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An Overview of the Gifted and Talented Services at Campus Middle School

Campus Middle School has adopted a wide array of practices to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Students enter our school with different strengths, talents, and experiences; therefore, our programming continually evolves to meet their varied needs. In keeping with the district’s approach to programming, Campus Middle School uses a three-tiered model to support the needs of our gifted and advanced learners. Examples of programs are listed below.

Universal Level (Serves 70-80% of the student population)

At the universal level, all students are provided with high-quality and rigorous instruction in both their required coursework (mathematics, language arts, social studies, science and health) and their elective programming. Teachers also support the needs of gifted and advanced learners at this level through pre-assessments, curriculum compacting, differentiated instruction, flexible pacing and grouping, and ongoing progress monitoring, using both formative and summative assessments. After school clubs and enrichment opportunities also support the needs of gifted and advanced learners at this level. For a detailed list of the opportunities available to students, please see the list on page two of this document.

Targeted Level (Serves 10-30% of the student population)

At this targeted level, 10-30% of the gifted and advanced student population receives additional support to meet their needs. Examples of this type of support would be: advanced or accelerated coursework (Advanced LA or Mathematics), specialized electives (Creative Writing, Oral Interpretation, Advanced Options), targeted counseling, targeted assistance (AVID, ELA), and school/district competitions (e.g., spelling bee, chess tournament, Brain Bowl, Destination Imagination, etc.).

Intensive Level (Serves 1-10% of the student population)

This level is designed to meet the needs of 1-10% of the student population. In addition to the programming received at the universal and targeted level, students may additionally be supported through radical acceleration (subject/grade skipping), duel enrollment (enrollment in middle and high school/college coursework), specialized counseling, independent studies, and specialized coursework such as Honors Language Arts.


List of Elective Coursework Available at C.M.S.

  •  Art: Painting and Drawing; Creative Clay/Ceramics

  • Applied Science

  • Choir

  • Concert Band/Orchestra (Beginning and Advanced)

  • Symphonic Band/Jazz Band

  • Chamber Orchestra

  • Guitar

  • Robotics Engineering I & II

  • Design and Engineering

  • Multi-Media Production

  • Computer Animation

  • French / Spanish

  • Weight Training

  • PE Adventure (Ropes Course)

  • Creative Writing*

  • Oral Interpretation*

  • Advanced Options *

  • Times of Change: Vietnam & the 1960s*

  • Theater I & II

  • Yearbook Staff

    *=Requires GT teacher’s signature

    List of Sports/Clubs/Enrichment Opportunities Available at C.M.S. (Changes Annually)

  • Arts and Crafts Club

  • Basketball

  • Brain Bowl

  • Creative Writing Club

  • Destination Imagination

  • Girls in STEM

  • Iron Kids (Weightlifting)

  • Jazz Band

  • Math Team/Math Counts

  • Musical Dramatic Production

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Orchestra Ensemble

  • Student Council

  • Strategic Games

  • Track

  • Video Production Club

  • Volleyball

  • Wrestling

An Overview of the Gifted and Talented Services at Campus Middle School

Campus Middle School uses what is called a “push in” model for GT (meaning that students are kept on their grade level teams unless they are accelerated for Reading, Writing, or Mathematics). Of course, students identified as gifted and talented will have their learning needs met in Science and Social Studies, in the form of flexible grouping, curriculum compacting (allowing students to advance to the next learning level when appropriate), differentiated curriculum and assessments, and pull-out sessions for acceleration or enrichment. Students identified as GT at Campus also benefit from the wealth of programming options available at the district level.

My Role as the GT Coordinator

As Campus’ GT resource teacher, I support the identified students both directly and indirectly. Here are a few examples of some of the services I provide...

Direct Services (When I work directly with the students)

  • Facilitation of independent study projects

  • Social/emotional support (holding lunch bunches, helping students to understand their

    gifts and talents, etc.)

  • Informing students of enrichment opportunities both inside and outside of the district

    (e.g. chess tournament, Inside/Out enrichment program, summer programs, etc.)

  • Teaching Electives: Creative Writing, Advanced Options, Building a Better Community,and Decade of Change

Indirect Services (When I support students by working with their classroom teachers)

Collaborating with teachers in...
o The development of curriculum (Concept-based, interdisciplinary units of study, etc.) o The creation of pre-assessments, formative and summative assessments
o The creation of differentiated learning opportunities:

o Tiered activities o Learning centers o Menus

  • Modeling instructional strategies for classroom teachers (learning centers, Socratic Seminars, etc.)

  • Organizing field trips, enrichment opportunities for teams (guest speakers, service learning)

    If you have a question about the GT identification process, district level programming, or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the number listed below.

Summer Programs

Summer Institute for the Gifted
3-week residential and day programs for academically talented students ages 4-18. The camps are held throughout the United States. Check out their website:  for more information

  Summer Enrichment Program - UNC
The Summer Enrichment Program at University of Northern Colorado offers three summer programs for children and youth.
Check out their website for more information:

Western Academic Talent Search - WATS

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the Western Academic Talent Search
EXPLORE (3rd-6th grade)
ACT (6th – 9th grades) 
SAT (6th – 9th grades)


Duke Talent Search

The 7th grade Duke Talent Search identifies academically talented 7th graders based upon standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school.  Please check out the links for more information!

Johns Hopkins
Center for Talented Youth

The benefits of participating in Johns Hopkins'  CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Talent Search include:


*CTY Summer Programs

 *CTY Online courses
 *Family Programs
 *Full resources for students and families
 Please check out the links below for more information.

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