The links below can help you prepare for success in 8th Grade Math.

Getting a problem right is fantastic.  However, one of the greatest math skills you can develop is figuring out your mistake when you get a problem wrong.  Make sure to solve each problem correctly before moving to the next.

Need a reminder on a certain skill?  Watch a video at Khan Academy.


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cartoon of astudent with a black board reading integers 

Printable Worksheets

Mixed Integer Operations

One-Step Equations with Integers

Online Activities

Integer Addition- play against friends online

Fast-paced integer addition-- again, play against friends or computer

Addition football!

Integer Eaters- pac-man style subtraction game

Fruit Shoot- fun subtraction game

Integer Warp- multiplayer multiplication game

Challenge -plan all your moves

Integer word problems


algebra banner with words that correlate

Printable Worksheets

Order of Operations

Combining Like Terms

Distributive Property

Order of Operations2

Equations with Fractions

One-Step Equations with Integers


fractions banner 

Printable Worksheets

Multiply and Reduce Mixed Numbers

Divide and Reduce Mixed Numbers

Equations with Fraction Operations

Online Activities

Lesson on Division of Fractions

Fraction Division

Division Word Problems

Fraction Division Challenge!


geometry with green, yellow, and red  

Online Activities

Angle Properties

Printable Worksheets


Great Miscellaneous Math Sites


1.) Use the site below to practice everything!  Challenge/time yourself, especially with multiplication facts 1- 12.


2.) Again, this one is great for practicing everything mathematical.  Click "login," and scroll down to click on the google login.


3.)  Tough mental math challenge:

Brain Buster

4.)  Epic game created by students at MIT.  Excellent pre-algebra skills.  Create a free account, and free all the pets!

Lure of the Labyrinth

5.)  Very challenging.  Read everything, and click on everything.

Absurd Math