The links below can help you prepare for success in 6th Grade Math.

Getting a problem right is fantastic.  However, one of the greatest math skills you can develop is figuring out your mistake when you get a problem wrong.  Make sure to solve each problem correctly before moving to the next.

Need a reminder on a certain skill?  Watch a video at Khan Academy.


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Summer IXL for Math 6 and 6/7 Review 

Summer ixl for Math 6 and 6_7 Review.pdf


Whole Number and Decimal Operations    

                                                                       jumbled numbers with math symbols

Online Activities

Multiplying Multiples of Ten

3-digit by 3-digit multiplication

You absolutely NEED long division!

Basketball decimal addition

Decimal multiplication quiz (graded)

Death to Decimals (fraction/decimal conversion)

Fruit Shoot- (decimal/fraction conversions)

Puppy Chase- play against friends online

Printable Worksheets

Add and subtract decimals

Powers of ten decimal equations

Estimating decimal multiplication

Multiplying decimals

Free puppies! Just kidding- dividing decimals

Total decimal operation review

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five out of four people dont understand jokes about fractions

Online Activities

Basic fractions skills - review  If you want to be successful in math, you absolutely need to have mastery of your fraction skills. On the main page, practice with the square links in the middle, and then try the Graded Quizzes on the right.

Equivalent fractions

Fraction to percent quiz (graded)

Football fraction addition

Adding fractions  Problem will change color when correct. For a challenge, click the checkmark at bottom; problem will not change color, and computer will show your score.

Printable Worksheets

Basic skills review- with answer keys  Multiple links to worksheets- check your answers.

Fractions, decimals, and percents

Add/subtract fractions- word problems


geometry title with green yellow and red  

Online Activities

Classifying triangles and quadrilaterals

Shape classification challenge

Sword Fight- area and perimeter review

Triangle area quiz

Printable Worksheets

Same perimeter, different area

Same area, different perimeter

Triangle area review


Algebraic Thinking

in parentheses, x plus one and y minus 2 

Printable Worksheets

Comparing integers

Ordering integers


Online Activities

Order of Operations rescue mission

Equations and expressions- beat your opponent!

Algebra puzzles

Stock the Shelves! Coordinate graphing

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varioius graphs, pie chart, line graph, and a bar graph 

Online Activities

Spy Guys- Practice with graphs

Bamzooki- ??? mean, median, and mode review


Measurement and Conversion


Printable Worksheets

Basic conversion tables

Metric conversions 1

Online Activities

Metric Millionaire

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Problem Solving

rubix cube

Online Activities

Problem solving examples

Problem solving strategies

Whoa! These are tough...

Great problem solving site

The Problem Solving Bank

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Great Miscellaneous Math Sites


1.) Use the site below to practice everything!  Challenge/time yourself, especially with multiplication facts 1- 12.


2.) Again, this one is great for practicing everything mathematical.  Click "login," and scroll down to click on the google login.


3.)  Tough mental math challenge:

Brain Buster

4.)  Epic game created by students at MIT.  Excellent pre-algebra skills.  Create a free account, and free all the pets!

Lure of the Labyrinth