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Congratulations to Team 6-1’s Geography Bee winner, Luke Stevens! The runner-ups were Aidan Jones, Colin Mccann, Isabella Bartels, Cooper Wisneski, Dylan Stahl and Logan Camacho. Great job, everyone!  Second quarter is over and soon our 6th graders will be registering for 7th grade.  Please look for registration materials to be sent home in the coming weeks.  Mrs. Lewis will also be going on maternity leave in the month of February.  Please watch for a letter going home and information regarding her substitute to be posted on Schoology.  CSAP testing is in March and we know all the students on Team 6-1 will be well prepared.  Please try not to schedule and doctor or dentist appointments during this time.  Once again, we are so proud of our students.  They are halfway through 6th grade and doing great. Keep up the great work, Team 6-1!
It is hard to believe that we are already several weeks into 3rd quarter.  Time sure flies! 
With all the breaks during this quarter, we need your help to make sure our students stay focused and keep on top of their schoolwork.  Please continue to review the Action Agenda frequently, helping students plan for up-coming tests, quizzes, and projects.  COLE also continues to be a wonderful resource to parents and students for homework assignments, notes, and announcements.
Parents, please take a look at all of your child’s binders to ensure they are organized and still in tack.  A huge stack of papers jammed into a single pocket is a warning sign to you!  If your child has any questions about how their binders should be organized, please ask him/her to see us for help.  With half the year still to go please ask your son or daughter if they need any school supplies restocked.  We are finding many students are running low on some of the basics right now, like pencils
Finally, Team 6-2 teachers would like to extend a giant “Thank you” to all of our parents and guardians for supporting your children in their efforts to be great students and kind kids. 
Third quarter is off to a great start!  We really appreciate all the new supplies we are seeing with our students.  Please help your child reorganize his/her materials for the second half of the year if you have not already done so.  We still see some binders that have huge stacks of paper falling out of them!
Huge congratulations to Ryan Sauer for being the Team 6-3 Geography Bee winner!  Way to go, Ryan!  
Just a reminder to our parents to check COLE for updates and check PowerSchool to stay updated about your child's grades.  We still ask all students to fill in their Action Agendas every class, every day.  
We are looking forward to a great third quarter!  Happy Valentine's Day!
Let the downhill stretch begin!  It's hard to believe that it is already third quarter, and we are over half way through 6th grade.  The excitement continues in our classrooms.  In math we continue to work on thinking like a mathematician by persevering, defending our solutions, and practicing precision.  All students should have mastered all operations with fractions and decimals.  We recently wrapped up our units on data and statistics.  Students particularly enjoyed looking at misleading statistics and graphs.  We talked about questioning data that we see in the world around us.  Students in Math 6 are working on an algebraic thinking unit while students in Math 6/7 are working on their unit of ratios, rates, and proportions.  To ensure proper mastery and advancement in math, please make it a priority to complete homework on time.   In addition, please check COLE and PowerSchool in order to stay up to date each week.  In Science, we are currently exploring the earth as we investigate its structure, movements, and natural resources. In Social Studies, the remainder of the quarter will be spent investigating the history, geography and culture of Latin America.  In Language Arts periods 1 and 2 we continue to study Hoot and human interactions with animals. In 4th and 5th period we are still focused on the novel Trash, and a study of global human rights.  The next unit in both classes will be a multicultural theme.
A special congratulation goes to Hao Z. for his representation in the GeoBee and to Austen M. for placing in our school spelling bee and representing Campus in the district bee.  Also, congratulations to Tyler B., Natasha F., Deane M., Austen M., Siena M., and Ellie S.  They were voted as 2nd quarter team MVP's by their classmates for consistently demonstrating leadership, hard work, and academic success.  On team 6-4 we have many top-notch students.  Unfortunately, only six are chosen as MVP's each quarter.  Keep up the hard work.  Who will your peers and teachers see as 3rd quarter's MVP’s?  Could it be you?
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