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FALL FUNDS ALLOCATIONS At the November PTO meeting, members voted to allocate over $29,000 for the following items and programs.
1.       Technology: 13 additional Chromebooks so all 24 Core Teams have the same number to share
2.       Technology: 30 iPad Minis and an iPad Cart to bring CMS closer to a 1:1 student/computer ratio
3.       Technology: LANSchool monitoring software so new Chromebooks are covered
4.       Core Curriculum: Science World magazine subscription for all grades, supports literacy goal
5.       Core Curriculum: “Energy at Play” program for 8th grade science students
6.       Core Curriculum: Math literacy magazine subscription for all grades, supports literacy goal
7.       Core Curriculum: website subscription for several 6th grade math classes
8.       Core Curriculum: 30 compasses for Social Studies Orienteering courses
9.       Media Center/Library: approximately 187 eBooks to start a collection at CMS
10.   Electives: Spanish mystery series DVD and workbooks for all Spanish classes
11.   Electives: two additional risers for Choir concerts
12.   Classroom support: 70 small white boards, erasers and markers for classroom use on Team 8-4
13.   STEM support: “Forensics Who done It?” presentation for STEM-Girls club
Thursday, April 17th at 7 PM in the LIBRARY.  On the agenda:
·         Spring Funds Allocations:  Vote to approve how the PTO spends money to fulfill teacher and staff requests.
·         Next Year’s PTO Board: Learn who is running for a Board position. Vote at the May meeting.
·         King Soopers Cards:  CMS receives 5% of the money you load on the card.  New cards cost $5, come pre-loaded with $5 and are available in the School Store or from Diana Moreland at
·         Box Tops:  The final collection for this year is in February.  Please drop off your box tops at the school store. Our goal is 3,000 box tops.
A huge thank you to the many volunteers who helped in October, November and December:
Staff Appreciation Lunch (October) – Chairs Cindy Wells, Lisa Nash, Rachel Petrie, Suzie Marchiol, Mimi Arias, Angela Armbruster, Jennifer Barrett, Deborah Bayles, Pam Berke, Victoria Cantor, Heather Carroll, Marina Colsman, Catherine Cooper, Jill Corrente, Jennifer Ditmer, Julie Dreifaldt, Karen Fisher, Amy Fournier, Annette Fowler, Ryan Garland, Sarah Gottsch, Trish Gulevich, Jill Henden, Heidi Hendrycks, Theresa Holyer, Melissa Hudiburgh, Darcy Kinnersley, Pam Lippitt, Fran Mahoney, Jodi Maples, Deb Mastin, Branka Maucec, Jenniffer McCann, Heather Michelotti, Kelly Moran, Amy Musler, Laura Paterson, Anita Pollock, Morgan Rhodes-Thomas, Susan Rielly, Suzanne Schwartz, Carla Sibilia, Deidre Stapen, Tamara Tabb, Tamie Walker, Courtney Will, Deena Zeppelin
Chromebook/Cart Building – Chair Victoria Cantor, Jonelle Adkisson, Ben Aggarwal, Amy Anema, Mimi Arias, David & Jesse Aseoff, Wenjun Bai, Mary Beth Belinski, Eileen Breen, Rosann Bryant, Haley Calisher, Kristin Chapman, Maya Christo, Cailee Corkill, Claire Crockett, Hannah & Gina Diones, Bob Dormer, Anita Douglas, Tracey Douglas, Anne Egan, Karen Engel, Kristin & Robert Engelke, Rafael Erdley, Quincie Esses, David Fellows, Mitzi Franz, Melissa Garland, Ethan Geller, Cheryl Georg, Helena Gognat, Ja-sun Gordon, Adrienne Gray, Yoshie Hashimoto, Dianne Heaton, Colleen Henry, Sarah Holder, Kylie Hunter, Sarah Jang, Connie Jones, Jennifer Keepper, Darcy Kinnersley, Lara Kremer, Mary Kropf, Pete Lane, Cheri Lazar, Qun Li, Caroline Lucas, Diana Moreland, Erika Mouser, Jan Mucilli, Sudipti Murthy, Varsha Nemirovsky, Jenine Opp, Kyle Rhodes, Kathy Searle, Elaine Southall, Deidre Stapen, Debra Stasio, Roger Wang, Marty Wedel, Annette Weiner, Stephanie Whittelsey, Sandra Yaron, Joanna Zhu, Eli Zimmerman, Jennifer Zucker
Veterans Day Decorations – Chair Elaine Southall; Aiden Burtner; Gretchen, Logan & Molly Busch; Kristin Chapman; David Clute; Amy, Thomas & Natasha Fournier; Annette, Jesse, Anthony & Dominic Politi; Melissa, Mark  & Roxanne Garland; Sarah Gottsch; Sarah Hittner; Kathryn Southall; Deidre & Aiden Stapen 
Veterans Day Flags graciously provided by Mike Duggan of RE/MAX Professionals
Staff Appreciation Lunch (December) – Chairs Cindy Wells, Lisa Nash, Rachel Petrie, Suzie Marchiol, Deborah Bayles, Pam Berke, Victoria Cantor, Marysue Connelly, Jennifer Ditmer, Monica Dodd, Tracey Douglas, Holly Flora, Amy Fournier, Annette Fowler, Melissa Garland, Shelby Gruber, Dianne Heaton, Sarah Hittner, Theresa Holyer, Darcy Kinnersley, Melissa Kravetz, Virginia Lefebvre, Karin Levine, Pam Lippitt, Namie Liu, Fran Mahoney, Jenny Mancini, Deb Mastin, Branka Maucec, Lisa Mauvais, Jenine Opp, Julie Orr, Laura Paterson, Susan Rielly, Amy Schiff, Suzanne Schwartz, Carla Sibilia, Missy Sievers, Elaine Southall, Debra Stasio, Lisa Synnott, Tamie Walker, Courtney Will, Dani Wynn, Hui Bin Zeng, Jennifer Zucker
Staff Appreciation Lunch for 60 generously donated by Olive Garden of Highland’s Ranch, special thanks to Joel Paulson, manager and to Laura Brown.
Have questions for the PTO?  Please contact Co-Presidents Melissa Garland, and
Sarah Hittner,






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