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Team 6-1

We hope all our families had a relaxing and healthy break. We are gearing up to finish 6th grade on a positive note! This month we will be working hard, as usual, in all subjects, and continuing to conquer all those challenging Common Core Standards! Please be sure your student has enough supplies to finish the school year. Pencils, paper, glue sticks, and colored pencils will definitely be required for activities this quarter.  We are seeing such a difference in your students from the time they arrived on our doorsteps in August. They have really grown into 6th grade responsibilities and expectations well. Thank you for all your support, we really appreciate it, and we know they do as well! (Even if they haven't told you that lately!) Happy spring to all our families.


Team 6-2

Happy Spring to our Team 6-2 students, parents, and guardians! It's hard to believe 4th quarter is upon us and we are making the final push towards the end of the year. As we round the bases and make our way towards home plate, it is important the students keep working hard and continue to develop and practice good habits. That said the following is our "Top 10" list for student success during fourth quarter:

10.  Continue to use your Action Agenda and COLE to keep track of homework assignments and important information.

9.  Keep your binders and locker well organized.

8.  Bring all the necessary supplies to class every day, and restock them as needed.

7.  Have friends around you that go about their school work like you do.

6.  Set a couple goals for yourself this quarter and work hard to reach them!

5.  Treat homework like an opportunity to do the work correctly and to the best of your ability, not just get it done and over with.

4.  Use the study techniques your teachers are talking about in class, and prepare for tests.

3.  Come in at recess if you have questions, after you have been absent, or if you have to turn in a late assignment.


1.  Take responsibility for ALL of your actions, whether it is academic or behavior, and enjoy one more quarter of sixth grade.


Team 6-3

We hope our Team 6-3 families had a wonderful Spring Break, and you are ready for the last quarter of sixth grade.  Wow! The year has flown by!

Some student behaviors that we feel are extra important to end the year are:

-Continue to use your Action Agenda every day, every class to write down assignments

-Stay focused in class

-Replenish supplies and bring what you need to class

-Organize binders and locker

-See teachers at recess when you're absent or need extra help

-Study, really study, for quizzes and tests

-Proofread writing assignments before turning them in

-Try your best on every assignment, whether in class or homework

-Take responsibility for your actions


Team 6-3 teachers would like nothing more than for your child to have a successful 4th quarter, both academically and socially.  Let's finish the year strong!


Team 6-4

The end is in sight! As we hurtle towards summer, the students of Team 6-4 get closer to the transition to 7th grade.  We ask that you review the dress code with your child as the weather begins to warm.  However, do not forget that it still gets chilly in the mornings, and it may be a good idea to dress in layers!

A special congratulation to the following students: Declan A., Zach G., Jennifer K., Clark L., Olivia U., and Kaylynn X.  They were elected by their peers as 3rd quarter MVP's.  Well done!

In Social Studies, continue to study the ancient civilization of the Aztecs and Incas.  We will begin a Latin American research project in May.  In Language Arts, we are working in the multicultural fiction genre with a focus on contemporary issues.  Watch for information regarding a multicultural end-of year celebration in the weeks to come.  We are currently investigating the earth's resources, including water, in Science and will turn our attention to how organisms interact and influence each other as we finish the year studying ecology.  Finally, in Math, we continue to work on problem solving and thinking strategies.  Students are reminded to work on precision, perseverance in problem solving, and efficient ways to find solutions. It is more important to be thoughtful than quick in their work.  Students in Math 6 are working on geometric concepts this month, while math 6/7 students will be working with percent in terms of savings, increases, and decreases.  If you eat out, ask your child to compute the tip mentally.  Keep up the strong effort!



Team 6-1

As we coast into the end of our third quarter of 6th grade, we are working hard to challenge students with our common core standards every day, in every lesson. This month will also bring us TCAPs on March 11th, 12th, and 13th for math, reading, and writing. Students will stay with their homeroom class for those three days, other than a possible elective class sometime during the day. Please be sure not to schedule appointments or check students out early on those days. In addition, a good night's sleep, a hearty breakfast, and bringing a snack and a bottle of water to school will help their brain energy level! We would like to send congratulations to Ms. Lewis on the birth of her daughter, Alva Ann. Both are doing well and Alva looks a lot like her big sister, Nola. Also, please help us welcome Mrs. Brittany Jerlinga, our science teacher, who will be with us until the end of the year. We are excited to have Ms. Jerlinga join us! Thank you to all our parents for being such an important support team for your child.

Team 6-4

What a wonderful time of the year.  Even though the weather is beginning to warm, the sniffles are still around.  If you happen to miss school, please be sure to check in with all of your teachers the day you return.  Remember, if you miss one day of school you have one additional day to make up the work.  To get a head start, we recommend that you continue to check COLE on the day of your absence.

Special congratulations to Team 6-4's very own Justin A., Max G., and Austen M.  Their Brain Bowl team did a fabulous job placing 7th in the Colorado State Tournament.  Very well done!

Students, thanks for working so hard to prepare for TCAP testing.  We are confident that your strong efforts will pay off and look forward to seeing the results!  You should be proud. 

We wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break at the end of the month and look forward to a successful 4th quarter.  To help stay on top of your studies, we ask that you frequently monitor your academic progress by checking Power School.  Should you have any questions or would like additional support, your teachers are more than willing to help.  Please see us during recess or after school.

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