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8TH GRADE TRIP TO DC:  The next parent-student meeting for those going on the spring break trip to Washington, DC, is December 3, at 7:00 the cafeteria.   We will go over the required medical forms, and the roommate selection process.  If a parent and/or student will not be able to attend the December 3 meeting, they should contact the child's social studies teacher.  The registration deposit was due on November 1, and the next payment of $500 must be paid online to Close Up by December 6. Final payment is due before February 1.
This quarter, students are working a unit about class oppression. Students in periods 3, 4, and 6 will look deeper into The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, while period 7 will explore the world of The Pearl. Students will take comprehension quizzes and have discussions about how class is decided, how it affects a person’s mobility, and why classes exist in the first place. We will continue to work on roots and grammar as well. The students will be working on a project this quarter, so they should be telling you all about it!
We’ve had a great first quarter and we are ready to move forward through American History!  After studying government systems and events leading up to the American Revolution, we will now study how the founding fathers established our country’s government.  We will look extensively at major documents like the Constitution and participate in activities like the constitutional convention.  I’m looking forward to the exciting work we will do this quarter!
We are in full swing with second quarter!  In Math 8 students are learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and its application in the real world.  Students are also working on Equations using distributive property and adding like terms.  In Algebra 1 students are working on polynomials and their properties.  Students will also begin working on quadratics.  Please remember to come in to recess for extra help that you may need.
Science is wrapping up our studies about energy and  moving on to waves.  As we begin our Chemistry unit later in the month, students will learn about chemical and physical properties of matter.  We will also continue our research project, which is part of a science competition called Exploravision.  Student teams will propose a future vision for a piece of technology.  Details can be found at
Science: We are still in our Physics unit.  After we have learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion, we will be studying the forms of energy, energy transfer, and transformation. 
Geometry will investigate lines in planes.  This chapter may challenge many students, but if they proceed slowly, follow the text, and study the sample problems carefully, they can become more proficient in writing proofs.  Algebra will begin their work with polynomials.  Students tend to enjoy this unit because factoring is like solving a riddle.  Math 8 will continue with their Geometry unit.   
Language arts will continue our study of oppression, and this quarter we will evaluate and discuss class oppression as it appears in various texts.  Our primary text will be The Pearl by John Steinbeck, and our first companion text begins to discuss colonialism and its repercussions.  Students will continue to study Greek and Latin roots and their use in the formation of words.  We will also move on from the study of active and passive voice to a study of mood in sentences.  Finally, we will continue to work on developing our writing skills as we primarily focus on tiered paragraph writing and analysis of material as it relates to a claim.
In science students have finished a unit on astronomy and are now learning about characteristics and properties of waves.  Students learned how the earth and moon move through the solar system kinesthetically.  They also learned how measurements are taken in space (astronomical units and light years) while practicing using metric measurements and scientific notation. Once we are done with waves, students will be able to describe how scientists are able to know so much about stars by simply looking at the kind of light waves they produce.  
After having studied the causes of the American Revolution and the war itself, it is time for social studies students to learn how we created the government that we have.  We will be holding our own mock Constitutional Convention where each student will represent one of the actual delegates to that convention.  This will lead us towards our unit on the Bill of Rights, and a look at our three branches of government.
Math classes continue to build each day, taking smaller concepts to construct a much larger mathematical foundation for the future.  Students are encouraged to show steps, to ask questions, to get extra help when needed, and to persevere.  Every day and every assignment is important.  Math 8 classes are putting their knowledge of exponents to use in their current unit which includes the Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, radicals, indirect measurement, and similarity.  Geometry classes have become awesome proof writers as they have studied how to prove triangles congruent.  They have looked at angle-side relationships and characteristics of triangles.  Parallel lines, midpoints, detours, and more proof come next!
Language Arts: In all Language Arts classes, we will be reading the novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell.  As we read this classic, we will focus on Governmental Oppression.  All classes will continue to work on grammar, Greek and Latin roots, and writing good literary analysis essays.  Social Studies: In Social Studies we are focusing on the Bill of Rights and amendments to the Constitution. Students will be participating in debates as we apply the rights our founding fathers gave us to contemporary issues. We will also be analyzing Supreme Court cases which show how our rights have been interpreted over time. Math: In Algebra I, we are studying Exponents and Radical Expressions.  In Math 8 we are studying the Pythagorean Theorem.  Stay up to date on all the class activities on Schoology.  Science: In science, we will be starting the chemistry unit!  We will be studying properties of matter, the periodic table and chemical reactions. Stay up to date with all assignments, announcements, and calendars on the class web site:

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