We are excited to announce the evening of Academic Awards for Excellence for 8th grade students on Tuesday, May 27th at 3:30 in the Cherry Creek High School Theatre.  In an effort to align our values and the PBIS attributes CMS has instituted this year, we are slightly modifying our annual 8th grade awards ceremony.  The main difference you will see is the name changes of some of the awards. 

ASPIRE stands for -

·        A – Accountability

·        S – Safety

·        P – Purposefulness

·        I – Inclusive

·        R – Respect

·        E – Excellence

This year, each 8th grade team has chosen four students to receive the ASPIRE team award.  These awards are given to those students who demonstrate ASPIRE behaviors/attributes on a consistent basis.  Selected students go above and beyond in their leadership and effort within the classroom settings. 

We will continue with our special activity awards for those students who achieve higher honors within their clubs or activities.  These students, as well, demonstrate the ASPIRE attributes within their clubs/activities.  While we recognize that we have many students who do the right thing everyday, the students receiving ASPIRE awards have consistently demonstrated accountability, safety, purposefulness, inclusiveness, respect and excellence.

We have added Athletic ASPIRE awards this year.  One 8th grade student from each team sport will be awarded the ASPIRE award for excellence for demonstrating ASPIRE attributes on the court/field and during practice.

ASPIRE awards for elective classes will be given to students (from each elective teacher) who demonstrate ASPIRE behaviors and attributes on a consistent basis in the classroom setting. 

We will continue our program with the Awards for Academic Honors.  These awards are given to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher in grades 6-8.  Note that 4th quarter GPA will not be included as we are holding the ceremony before the end of 4th quarter; thus, we will not have those grades to factor into the equation.

The Principal's Golden Awards will be given to students who have achieved and maintained a GPA of 4.0 each every quarter they were here at Campus Middle School. 

The Presidential Award is the highest academic award that can be achieved.  Students who receive this award have achieved and maintained a GPA of 4.0 each quarter in grades 6-8 and also have performed in the Advanced range on all TCAP tested areas.  

Last, we will end our program with the Kindness Award. 

We are so proud of all of our students!  We have an EXCELLENT 8th grade group and we routinely hear teachers talking about how kind, well-behaved and academically driven our students are.  Invitations to awards recipients and their parents will be mailed May 12, 2014.