This year, Campus Middle School was awarded the Alliance Project grant.  This grant provides the school with field trips, guest speakers, professional development and arts activities from the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).


Through the support of Janus, our partnership with the SCFD, and on-site event programming like the Art Auction ( the Cherry Creek Arts Festival was able to present the Mobile Art Gallery II to our students and community members. The Mobile Art Gallery consists of original works of art from exhibiting artists. The art was on display for the community to enjoy on Wednesday, March 20th.    


In addition to the Mobile Art Gallery, part of this grant included a partnership with our neighboring elementary school, Belleview Elementary.

Belleview is very grateful for the partnership with Campus on this grant.  They have enjoyed so many presentations, but one of their all-time favorites was the Muscle and Skeletal Hip Hop class presented by the DCPA.


Students at Campus have enjoyed a variety of activities.  Some of our students have experienced a two day workshop with a script writer from the Denver Center of Performing Arts.  While the students reflected on their experience they said they wouldn’t have changed a thing! Additionally, the 7th grade Theatre Arts classes enjoyed a day with a professional actor teaching them how to use subtext! 


Students have also benefited with

resources from the Wildlife Experience, the Colorado Bird Observatory, and a

presentation by Wild Wings, a raptor rehabilitation program. Students will also enjoy a multicultural drum circle at the end of March. In April, students will be involved with an interactive immigrant experience presented by actors from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. 


Along with the students benefiting from this grant, the teachers have as well!  The teachers at Campus will have the opportunity to attend a Film Literacy night, free of charge, at the Denver Film Society. This professional development will help teachers address the new English Language Arts Common Core Standards. 


Overall, the grant has allowed teachers a unique way to provide new learning experiences for their students! Each activity directly relates to the new common core. The teachers have been thrilled with Campus' involvement with the grant.  They have appreciated the communication and resources made available, some of which we didn't even know existed.