Campus Middle School
General Information
School Year 2018-2019
Building Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students begin school on Monday, August 13, at 8:50 a.m.  This will be a full day of school for all CMS students. Students will only need paper and a pen or pencil on the first day. 


Sixth Grade and New Student Orientation will be held on Friday, August 10, 2018. Only 6th graders and students new to CMS are to attend school on Orientation Day.  GYM Doors will not open until 9:00 a.m.  Bus transportation will be provided for 6th graders who are scheduled to ride the bus to school.  Buses will pick up at their normally scheduled time in the morning and will leave Campus Middle School at 1:10 p.m. 

6th Grade:  From 8:40-9:00 a.m., 6th grade students will assemble outside the gym entrance to receive instructions for the orientation session; which will include meeting with team teachers, visiting clasrooms and meeting "Campus Crew Buddies" for team-building activities. Orientation will end at 1:00 p.m. and students will be given their schedules before being dismissed for the day. 

7th and 8th Grade Students NEW to Campus:  Information to follow.  New 7th and 8th grade students will be contacted on this opportunity to receive their schedule and meet with key staff.

Need last minute supplies? The school store will be open on August 10 from 11am-1pm.



Student schedules will be emailed to parents on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

Please note, if you do not attend a check-in session on August 2nd, 3rd or 8th; you will not receive a schedule by email. Students must complete the CMS check-in on the first day of school; after which they will receive their schedule.

Please click here(coming soon) to view and print the CCSD 2018-19 school calendar.
Why pay the optional $10 activity fee? Great Question!  Many people do not know how this money is used and how it benefits our students. The optional activity fee provides support to ALL student activities, from athletics to extracurricular clubs and events.  Campus has many clubs and activities in which students may join and become involved. Schools to retain 50% of this fee to use exclusively within their school to help fund activities! Thank you for your support, CMS students will now benefit even more!!
Athletics and activities are described in the CMS website and posted after August 1. Students should also listen to daily announcements for information about the first day of practice.  Students will receive emergency cards and fee information on the first day of practice.  Physical forms with doctors’ signatures are not required in order for students to participate in any sport at Campus.
Your child’s regular attendance is essential for success at middle school.  If it is necessary for a student to be absent, parents should follow the guidelines in the Student/Parent Handbook.   Please call the attendance line at 720-554-2677 to report the absence. The line is available 24 hours a day, but a call before 9:30 a.m. is beneficial.  When your student returns to school, please send a note, signed by you explaining his/her absence.
Back-to-School Nights will be held on two separate evenings.  Please mark your calendars with the following dates:
·         Sixth Grade                       August 16, 2018                     6:00 – 7:45 p.m.
·         Seventh Grade                  August 22, 2018                     6:00 – 7:45 p.m.
·         Eighth Grade                    August 22, 2018                     6:00 – 7:45 p.m.
In August, the Transportation Department will mail a bus schedule to parents unless you are within walking distance of the school.  Bus pick-up times and bus stops will be indicated in this email sent to you by the Transportation Department.   If you have any questions about bus transportation, please email the department at:  The after-school activity bus will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, leaving CMS at 4:45 p.m.  Supervision of students does not extend beyond 5:00 p.m., so please be sure your child is picked up by that time.  Students must have a pass from a staff member to ride an activity bus.  All students must show their school I.D. card in order to ride any middle school bus.
Students will receive an assigned hall locker at August check-in.  Lockers are pre-assigned after enrollment numbers are finalized and before Check-in begins.  Arriving at check-in before the assigned time will not affect locker assignment.  Once a locker is assigned, the student is responsible for contents inside his/her locker. 
LOCKS (Hall)
As in previous years, for security purposes, student locks must be purchased at Campus Middle School. These locks will be available for purchase at Check-In and can be used every year while a student is at CMS. However, students are encouraged to bring their previously purchased CMS lock to Check-In and show it to the staff at the Locker Assignment table. No locker assignment will be given until a lock is purchased or a valid previously purchased CMS lock is shown to the Deans Office staff.  Parents are asked to emphasize to their students that sharing a combination to a locker with other students reduces locker security.
Students will be assigned a gym locker for P.E. when classes start, and must have a combination lock for their gym locker.  Locks must be purchased through CMS and can be purchased during check-in or from their P.E. teacher when class starts.
Lunch periods are 30 minutes long and are scheduled by grade level (6th, 7th and 8th) between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Students may bring a sack lunch from home or buy a lunch in our cafeteria.  A full lunch is $3.25 and includes milk. Breakfast is $2.05 and is served at 8:15 a.m.  The meal account may be loaded at check-in.  Please click here for printable menu and for more information about CCSD Food Services. Click here for 2018-19 Food Services updates.


To learn about the Cherry Creek School District's procedures for administering medications to students pursuant to school board policy JLCA, Student Health Services and Requirements, please click here.


New students to the district who will attend CMS during school year 2018-2019 and have NOT registered for classes are asked to call and make an appointment for either the August 1 or August 8 dates at 9:00 a.m. New students will meet with counselors, select elective classes, and complete placement testing. Parents may anticipate 2-3 hours to complete the process, but more or less time may be required depending on how quickly each student takes to complete his or her test. Parents are asked to bring with them the School Assignment Form they received upon enrollment at District Admissions and their child's most recent report card.

Parents are automatically members of the CMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  We encourage you to become involved at CMS through the PTO. The purpose of the CMS PTO is as follows:  to promote the welfare of the children of CMS, to promote effective communication and understanding among the parents, teachers and school staff, to promote parent-teacher cooperation in the education of children and to promote support of the school and the Cherry Creek School District Community.
PTO members support CMS through the CMS School Store and the Back-To-School Supply Sale, annual Book Fair,  teacher and staff appreciation, and through many other roles. Volunteer opportunities are explained on the PTO website page under "volunteer opportunites". PTO meetings are held at CMS.  Please watch for PTO Meeting announcements in TWAC (This Week at Campus), a weekly email blast sent to you from the PTO.  Please click HERE for more PTO information.
PowerSchool is a web-based Student Information System (SIS), which provides real-time information to school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Parents can check their child's attendance and grade history by logging in to PowerSchool via the Internet, using their unique parent User ID and Password. They can also view the school bulletin, fee balance information (when available), and read notes and comments from teachers. User ID's and passwords will be distributed at August check-in for those who do not already have them; i.e. 6th graders and new students.  Note: Those parents having these codes from last year will continue to use the same codes.
Student Accident Coverage is available to all middle school students. Please click here for more information on the voluntary student accident insurance.  (As in the past, parents will mail enrollment forms and premium payments directly to the insuring company.) 
Pictures for all three grade levels will be taken during August check-in.  The photographer will send pertinent information to families prior to the check-in process.  Even if students do not order a picture package, a picture needs to be taken during check-in for the Student ID, Library Card and Bus Pass.  Please be sure that picture attire conforms to dress code.

Your pre-ordered kits will be available for pick-up at check-in on August 2 and 3 and can go straight in to your student's locker. The school supply kits will contain all grade-level supplies. Locker shelves are sold separately and will be available for purchase at check-in. Some teams and electives request additional supplies, which will be communicated after school begins. These additional supplies will be available for purchase during lunch periods in the CMS school store during the school year.

All students will also be able to set up their lockers on check-in days during check-in hours.

During the first week of school, students a student handbook.

Student I.D. Cards will be made and given to students during check-in this August.  Students will use their ID's for riding school buses and checking out books, magazines or online information from the library.  It is important that students keep the ID with them while at school for these purposes.   Lost
cards can be reissued, through the library, for a $5.00 fee after September.

Click HERE for Check-In Information