Campus Middle School

Check-In Information

School Year 2017-2018

Wednesday, August 2: Last names A-L @ CMS Cafeteria

Thursday, August 3: Last names M-Z @ CMS Cafeteria

Tuesday, August 8: Make-Up @ CMS Cafeteria



"August Check-In" is for all students in grades 6, 7, and 8 according to the schedule above. Check-in allows completion of the needed clerical matters so that teachers and students can focus on learning the first day of school.  Students will be required to attend check-in to turn in required forms, pay fees, purchase lunch credits, and have their school and I.D. pictures taken.  Included in this document is information on the check-in procedure, times and dates, as well as forms to be filled out and brought to school on the assigned date. The majority of required forms must be completed ONLINE prior to check-in. Those who do not complete required forms ONLINE prior to check-in will be directed to on-site computer stations to complete the required forms before beginning the check-in process at Campus Middle School.

2017 Check-In Times/Dates


2017 Check-In Dates and Times

Wednesday, August 2

Thursday, August 3

Tuesday, August 8 (make-up)

Last names A-L

Last names M-Z

All Grades

7:30 Aa-Az

7:30 Ma-Mc

9:00 A-C

8:00 Ba-Be

8:00 Md-Mo

9:30 D-F

8:30 Bf-BT

8:30 Mp-Oz

10:00 G - I

9:00 Bu-Cn

9:00 Pa-Pi

10:30 J - L

9:30 Co-Dh

9:30 Pj-Rh

11:00 M - O

10:00 Di-Fe

10:00 Ri-Rz

11:30 P - R

10:30 Fh-Go

10:30 Sa-Se

12:00 S - T

11:00 LUNCH

11:00 LUNCH

12:30 U - Z

11:30 LUNCH

11:30 LUNCH

12:00 Gp-Ha

12:00 Sf-Si

12:30 Hb-Hu

12:30 Sl-St

1:00 Hv-Ka

1:00 Su-To

1:30 Kb-Kr

1:30 Tp-We

2:00 Ks-L

2:00 Wf-Z



Please note that all CMS offices and registration stations will be closed during these noted lunch breaks.

We are unable to register students during the LUNCH break times noted.

Students may not check in earlier than their scheduled time. Students unable to make their scheduled time may come during “Make-Up Day” on Tuesday, August 8.

Please be aware that make up check-in on Tuesday, August 8th may be crowded with long lines.


Online Forms

Before coming to check-in parents will need to complete required forms for their students online.

Go to and complete all applicable fields / forms under the following five tabs:

    • Household Information
    • Select Student
    • Emergency Contact
    • Medical
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • District Policies

Some important notes about accessing the system:

Parents who already registered to use the system will use the same username and password as in previous years.   Parents can update/change their password at


New parents to CCSD will need to create a username and password to use the system by registering at the Internet address above.  To register, parents should have the following information available: parent first and last name, birthdate and student ID for at least one of their children, and a personal email address.   Spelling for all personal information must be accurate.  Names used MUST match the exact format used when registering your student at the district admissions office. Student ID numbers are available on original CCSD admissions documents.


In order to help you plan ahead, the following fees will be collected at August check-in:

Activity Fee               $10            District-wide fee to partially offset cost of operating all programs; this                                                        fee is optional. $5.00 remains with the school.

CMS Spirit Shirt     $10

Locks                     $5/each      Possibly 2 needed - one for hallway locker and one for P.E. locker. (Please                                                 note that last year's locks may be reused if they are brought to check-in.)                                                   For security reasons, only locks purchased from the school may be used.

P.E. Uniform              $5 shirts    The shirt and shorts are required dress for P.E.

                                    $15 shorts  Uniforms may be reused from previous years

Track Fee                  $70            Students participating in Track pay this fee during check-in

Several of the fees are optional based upon participation or desire to purchase item. You may pay ALL fees listed above; including optional fees, with ONE check made payable to CMS.  We do not accept Visa/MasterCard.

Please send separate checks as follows:

  1. Directory, school supplies and other items available from PTO - made payable to Campus PTO
  2. School lunches - made payable to CCSD Foodservice
  3. School pictures - made payable to 'Van Gogh School Photography'.

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