New Electives being Offered for 2nd Semester 2018-2019 School Year. Contact your counselor if interested in these classes.

Advanced Humanities: Philosophy and Film

What is a friend? What is the difference between a best friend and fair-weather friend? What is a good friendship and a failed friendship? How are friendships different from other types of relationships? Can a book be your friend? Goethe says that friends “enhance each other,” that is, they make us a better person. Then, are teachers friends of their students? If a friend does something that hurts you but is done so with your best interests at heart, is that person really your friend? Do friends not judge us? Or, are friends the only ones who can really judge us and offer constructive criticism? In the film Casablanca, the protagonist Rick Blaine wrestles with many of these issues as he struggles to figure out his moral obligation to his friends. This class will push you to think deeply, critically, and logically. The course will not give you the answer to a philosophical question; rather, it will provide you skills, philosophical ideas, and critical approaches to use so you can find your truth. Make no mistake, this is a thinking class. You learn philosophy by doing philosophy. If you have a curious mind and want to make better sense of your world, then this class is for you.

Please contact Mr. Scott-Tunkin with questions:

New Electives Offering for 7th and 8th graders

Creating with Computers

This quarter-long class is an introductory course helping students become familiar with Solidworks and its industry application as a solid modeling design software program. Solidworks is the 3D CAD software that professional engineers use most often. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, and prototype 3D projects. The class uses multiple 3D printers, to print student work. 

*If your student is interested in taking this course 3rd or 4th quarter, please have them stop by the counseling office or tell a counselor during their lunch in the next couple of days.