Dear Parents/Guardians,

Boys’ Basketball begins for 6th graders on Friday, January 10.

We feel the following policies are necessary to run an efficient and effective basketball program.  Please read, sign and return the permission slip to the coaching staff by Wednesday, January 15.


·      Players must attend FIVE practices before they will be eligible to participate in a basketball game.

·      After a missed practice, the player must have an excuse note from a parent or teacher.

·      Players with one unexcused practice may receive reduced participation in the next game.  Players with multiple missed practices will NOT participate in games and could be dismissed from the team.

·      Players who are not participating in a game will NOT travel to AWAY games with the team.

·      Players must be dressed and ready to practice by 3:05pm.  PLAYERS NEED TO BE IN ATHLETIC GEAR.  Players without athletic gear will not participate and will be considered unexcused from practice.  This includes athletic shoes.  Students are not permitted to practice in jeans.


·      Practice will be held from 3:05 – 4:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Late busses are available for those who ride a bus to school.  The late bus leaves CMS at approximately 4:10pm.


·      Busses will be provided for AWAY games.  Busses will return the players to CMS and parents will need to pick up players at CMS when they return.

·      Players are allowed to ride home from AWAY games with their parent.  They MUST check out with their coach before they leave.


·      As in any sport, any injury may occur in basketball.  However, we will take the necessary precautions to try to avoid any injury.  No player will be allowed to practice or play unless an athletic emergency card is

completed and on file in the Coach’s office by Wednesday, January 15. 


·      A $30.00 fee is required to participate in 6th Grade basketball (4 games) due to the CMS Bookkeeper Mrs. Petty – in the MAIN OFFICE – by Wednesday, January 15.

·       If financial assistance is needed please contact the CMS Athletic Director, Joe Sarro at 720-554-2780.  No refunds will be approved after the first game.  Questions about refunds should be directed to the Athletic Director.



·      Any theft, fighting, vandalism, or behavior which discredits a player, teammate, or school, is cause for dismissal from the team.  Any player, who is uncooperative with the coaching staff in practice, may be sent home.  If this behavior continues, players may be asked to leave the team.


·      There is a no-cut policy in middle school sports; every player who comes out will make a team.  Our goal is to expose our players to competition at the level they are ready for and help them learn about safe practices when participating.  Players will be chosen for a particular team based on a basketball skills evaluation and coaches input.  Players will be encouraged to constantly improve their technique and improve their skill as the season progresses. 


·      CMS will provide a top jersey for each player.  Players are responsible for their own shorts for the games.  Most players where their PE gym shorts.  JEWELRY IS NOT TO BE WORN DURING PRACTICE OR GAMES.  Each player is financially responsible for the basketball uniform they receive.   

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  We are looking forward to a great season! Below is a copy of the basketball schedule.

Please return the emergency card from this packet to Mr. Connelly and your payment to Mrs. Petty in the Main Office by Wednesday, January 15.  We hope to see you at the games to root and cheer on our players.  If you have any questions or concern, please contact me.


Christopher Connelly


2013 6th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule


01/10/14         -           First Day of Practice

Basketball Skills Evaluations 12/6, 12/9, 12/10

01/28/14         -           GAME DAY     

                                    Horizon Middle School @ Campus

01/30/14         -           GAME DAY

                                    Campus @ Prairie Middle School

02/04/14         -           GAME DAY

                                    Campus @ Liberty Middle School

02/06/14         -           GAME DAY

                                    Fox Ridge Middle School@ Campus

02/06/14         -           End of 6th Grade Basketball Season

02/10/14         -           Turn in washed CMS uniform